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Modern Christmas Decor | Champs Fleur

Modern Christmas Decor

It's that time of the year where we to start deck up our halls. Every Christmas, we stick to the same old decor styles and keep it safe. So this ye...
Christmas Flowers | Champs Fleur

Christmas Flowers

Do you know what makes the holiday season even better? Decorating your living spaces into beautiful sites that create the right mood for the season...
IANS Life | Champs Fleur


Roses, roses all the way ...
Fresh Flowers Decoration For Ganapati | Champs Fleur

Fresh Flowers Decoration For Ganapati

Ganesh Chaturthi marks the beginning of a long festive season, and to most of us, it means dressing up, visiting friends, eating modaks and indulgi...
Eid gifting guide | Champs Fleur

Eid gifting guide

India is a country of many religions and rituals and Muslims in India are ready to celebrate the biggest Islamic festival of Eid Al-Fitr on June 5t...
Tulip Festival | Champs Fleur

Tulip Festival

                  Imagine spending an evening surrounded by colourful tul...
Flower guide for commercial spaces | Champs Fleur

Flower guide for commercial spaces

For most of us around the world, the office is like the second home and spending almost eight hours at one place may seem a little stressful and te...
Flower therapy | Champs Fleur

Flower therapy

Have you ever wondered why a specific room is painted in a certain colour like living rooms are painted in beige tones, bedrooms are painted in lig...
Baby's breath | Champs Fleur

Baby's breath

Baby’s breath scientifically known as gypsophila are delicate soft looking dense bunches of flowers. You may have seen them in dainty wedding flowe...
Enchanting Flower fields in India | Champs Fleur

Enchanting Flower fields in India

Imagine yourself in the middle of a sea of flowers, velvety-green meadows, dense forests, and uncommercialized valleys; does it sound like the plac...
Eco-conscious Holi 2019 with Champs Fleur | Champs Fleur

Eco-conscious Holi 2019 with Champs Fleur

Like many other festivals, Holi is also one such festival also called the festival of colors celebrated in India which signifies victory of good ov...
Top 4 Flowers for this Summer! | Champs Fleur

Top 4 Flowers for this Summer!

With warmer temperatures and longer days firmly established, summer is prime season for enjoying flowers. Many favorites come into bloom during thi...


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