Have you ever wondered why a specific room is painted in a certain colour like living rooms are painted in beige tones, bedrooms are painted in light pastel hues and so on. Colours are proven to affect the way you feel, they associate us to certain memories and create a mood.

Just like colours, we believe that flowers also, of different kinds and varieties stimulate us to feel a certain way. There is no doubt that beautiful surroundings provide us with a special environment that helps us thrive. Flowers are an easy and affordable way to add a splash of color and emotion to your life and we call this the flower therapy.

Red and pink roses are long associated with love and passion. Also called the flowers of love, don’t miss a chance of having them in your bedroom to keep the spark alive between you and your partner.



Yellow is the colour long associated with sunshine, it brings a sense of positivity and its vibrant colour will always keep your spirits high. We recommend having some beautiful bright yellow sunflower blooms in your living area.



Orchids and Marigolds make the perfect addition to your drawing room decor and kitchen, as these vibrant colours like orange and purple stimulate positive energy.



White and blue are the colours of peace, relaxation, and innocence. Classic blue Hydrangeas are the perfect fit for you to showcase around your house.


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