Imagine spending an evening surrounded by colourful tulips, seems to be super fun, right? We’re sure you would have loved being at this floral installation. We at Champs Fleur have made your imagination turn to reality. The Tulip Festival was held at our studio wherein 10,000 tulips were sourced all the way from the Netherlands and brought it to the store just a night before the event. Arranged on a green canvas, these vibrant flowers of 5 different colours made the entire space look like a fusion of the alluring tulip fields of Europe and the Indian green forests.

The attendees were charmed at the beauty of the tulips and had an immersive experience to feel and touch them. The event was attended by the prominent socialites of the city, many influencers, bloggers and other odd invitees. As a step forward, Champs Fleur is embarking on home decor, corporates and events. One can order flowers online on the website (or) call (or) WhatsApp us on +91 9100062811.

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