Do you know what makes the holiday season even better? Decorating your living spaces into beautiful sites that create the right mood for the season of festivities. Indulge your homes with some exotic yet traditional floral touches that help in amplifying the look and feel of it. Here are some of the floral suggestions from our end to you in decking up your halls:



Holly is the most popular flower of December, and couldn’t think of anything more fitting for this time of the year. It's popular to trim branches off the holly bushes to use as decor around the house for the holidays. You can also place the branches, in a vase as a centerpiece or on an end table near the entrance of your home. Fresh holly can be difficult to find in India, so we recommend opting for faux in this occasion. You can pair the branches with a scented candle to amplify the vibe.



Mistletoe, bundled with a classic ribbon can be suspended above a doorway in your home, inspires warm and cozy feelings from all who enter. Choose between white or red berries for your bunch, and even customize the ribbon to spell out your tidings of cheer! Fresh mistletoe is hard to come by in India, so we recommend opting for paper mistletoe which you can DIY yourself.



If there's one flower for Christmas, it's the Poinsettia. They always manage to bring the traditional holiday spirit to whatever space they're in. You can decorate by covering the entire Christmas tree, creating a chic centerpiece, dressing the mantel, adding to the wreath or mixing into a fresh garland.



For a simple way to show off your Amaryllis blooms, place them in a clear vase filled with water and place a few cranberries at the bottom. Another way is to place the bunches in a pineapple by scooping out the pulp inside, for an eye-catching display. Cranberries can be found at any high-end Indian grocery store like Foodhall or Q-mart at this time of year. For stalks of amaryllis, you can contact our team on +91 91000 62811 as it's not popular amongst local florists. Our amaryllis is outstanding from Europe in order.


Longlasting® Flowers:

If your short on time, or looking for hassle-free options, that will last you for the entire festive season, our Christmas/Winter 2019 collection could be what you are looking for. The arrangements are made using roses, hydrangeas, Craspedia, baby's breath and rice flower - lasting for one year, with no watering or maintenance needed.

These are a few recommendations from our end that anybody could easily create without much of an effort. 

Peace, Love, and Joy.

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