Ganesh Chaturthi marks the beginning of a long festive season, and to most of us, it means dressing up, visiting friends, eating modaks and indulging our eyes on all the Ganpati decoration. 

Every year, we often think of new and innovative ways to decorate homes and welcome the deity. Using fresh flowers for Ganpati decoration at home is one of the most common ways to brighten up your Ganesh Mandaps. 



Here are our top flowers to decorate your home:

1. Carnations



With so many colours available, you will be spoilt for choice with carnations. These beautiful blooms are also long-lasting and will last 7-10 days in a vase with fresh water or a one to three days out of the water, like in these hanging arrangements. You can easily create this hanging carnation pieces with some basic sewing skills.


2. Marigolds



If you want to stick to a traditional look, choose marigold flowers. Long strands of yellow marigold garlands can be hung around the idol of Lord Ganesha and be used to create a marvellous effect on the sides of your mandap as well. Ready garlands are easy to come by during the festive season. You can really make it your own with how you choose to display your marigolds. We love this combination of keeping tall stems of marigolds with hanging buds in the background.


3. Red Hibiscus



This is a favourite flower of Lord Ganesha. It is called Japakusuma in Sanskrit. This flower is easily available and often grown in our homes as well. Hibiscus along with Durva Grass is a common offering to Ganpati idol for any pooja. Red hibiscus plant is available in any local nursery. If looking for loose flowers, one can obtain them from the temple flower markets nearby. 


4. Hydrangeas

With immense flower heads, hydrangeas flaunt an old-fashioned charm that is hard to resist. These blooms are expensive, but nothing can add depth, color, and uniqueness to your decor like this beautiful stems. Remember to keep them away from heat or else they will wilt quickly. One can make a beautiful vase arrangement with them that can be placed on either side of the Ganpati idol.



5. Mogra

These are the most commonly used flowers in Ganpati decor. The white-colored mogra flowers come with a pleasant fragrance and can be clubbed with bright color flowers like roses for a beautiful decor that stands out and denotes balance. Mogas and roses are cheaper and will last you for 3-4 days. These flowers can be used to decorate the pooja thali, create a bed of rose petals for the idol to sit on or adorne the Ganpati idol with garlands made of these flowers.



6. Longlasting® Flowers

If your short on time, or looking for hassle-free options, that will last your the entire festive season, our Haridra and Alampata collections could be what you are looking for. The arrangement is made using hydrangeas, Craspedia, baby's breath and rice flower - lasting for one year, with no watering or maintenance needed.


Final Tips to Add flowers to your Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration:

  • You can choose a theme that matches the color of the fresh flowers to the attire of the Ganesha Idol. 
  • Choose seasonal flowers such as mogras and marigolds for the freshness
  • Restrict the floral arrangement to two colors of flowers. You can add some greens to the arrangement by using some leaves available in the market or your garden.
  • Flowers will last longer if they get ample fresh water. The stems should be inserted about two inches into the water and this water should be changed every day.
  • Remember to recycle your flowers. You can dry them and use them as potpourri, or compost them.

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