Roses, roses all the way

September 17, 2019 (IANSlife) Nothing cheers up a life better than a colourful bunch of flowers. But investing money in flowers, which will wilt in a few hours, is an expensive proposition. Understandably then, people prefer artificial flowers. Or you can head to Champs Fleur, India’s first preserved floral boutique, that specialises in long-lasting roses.

The Hyderabad-based brand has created a bespoke rose atelier and is committed to taking personalised floral services across the country.

Founder Chitra Das says, “India has a rich floral culture and that’s a boon. People know the value of flowers, but also realise that they don’t come without fuss. I have tried to introduce a bespoke service in which a single flower lasts a year. It comes in a beautiful vase, glass or customised packaging which can be placed in your home or office. You can gift these to your loved ones or order more elaborate styles for occasions.”

Compared to real flowers, these blooms also have environmental benefits. “There is thousands of tonnes of floral waste at events, parties and weddings. Our customised service ensures that all those flowers used, preserved and recycled on a daily basis,” adds Das.

The process of creating long-lasting bouquets is not an easy one. Roses are picked up from farms around the world and shipped to Champs Fleur's Japan-based factory, where they are preserved in four phases.

Their natural moisture is extracted using ethanol to make them last longer. An organic dye is then used to colour them. Moisture is then infused again into the roses to make them look supple and fresh. The entire process takes about 4-6 weeks.

“Every Champs Fleur rose is organically grown and is completely free from hazardous chemicals. The four-step preservation process uses natural ingredients to combine the beauty and goodness of natural roses with the immortality of inanimate ones, transforming them into long lasting roses while preserving the same freshness and feel,” says Das.  

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