For most of us around the world, the office is like the second home and spending almost eight hours at one place may seem a little stressful and tedious. Installing flowers and indoor plants are a good way to help with this, as there seems to be something within us, something ancient, that craves being near nature in some form. These days, more than ever, the benefits of plants in the office are being studied, and the results are compelling. The list of benefits from office plants is growing all the time: increased creativity, improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased engagement with work, etc.


Maintaining flowers and plants is a big burden especially in a commercial/office space because it requires changing the wilting flowers, changing the water, spritzing them to stay fresh, etc so slowly everyone is understanding the importance of long lasting or everlasting infinity flowers which are preserved using organic techniques and will stay fresh to last you over a year which is also environmentally and ecologically sustainable. Also having plants or flowers in your office or home environment creates a welcoming atmosphere.



Having preserved roses in vases adds to the look to the office decor instead of having natural planters with flowers that might or might not bloom indoors. Long lasting flowers are a great alternative to adding that fresh and colourful element.



Succulents have also become such a popular option for office plants. They combine traits that make them perfect for indoor spaces because they have evolved to go a long time between waterings and can adapt to low-light situations. They’re often slow-growing as well, so you don’t have to worry about them overgrowing their space or needing repotting.

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