‘The difference between good and great is the attention to detail. Detail is Luxury’.

It’s that time of the year again when love resolves in every corner of the world. Think of gifting think, flowers! It’s safe to say that flowers are one of the most sought after when it comes to gifting for any occasion and we at Champs Fleur agree. As cliche as it sounds roses are the best. They are the perfect balance between luxury and femininity and well most women love cliche given that roses and Valentine’s day are practically inseparable especially when the roses can last one whole year.

 This Valentine’s day let your romance last longer by gifting that special person one of our long lasting arrangements with infinity roses that stay intact and fresh upto one whole year with proper care. What are Everlasting roses you ask? This collection consists of preserved real roses that are picked at the time of their peak bloom and carefully processed with a solution that allows them to stay garden-fresh for one whole year without losing their shape or texture. That being said, with a craft devoted to authenticity and perfection, our skilled technicians curate exceptional arrangements using only the most finely selected roses that last a year. So if you’re looking for roses you are in the right place, we have curated arrangements specially for Valentine’s day this year! We are positive there is will be something you will definitely love.

Speaking of everlasting roses, it also thrives on variety of advantages:

  • Long shelf life.
  • Significantly lower carbon footprint than fresh cut and artificial roses.
  • Helps protect the environment one at a time and save water.
  • Endless possibilities when it comes to an array of colours and designs.
  • More economical as compared to buying real flowers every day.

So don’t shy away from investing money on infinity roses this year! Browse our full collection and find the one which matches your style and taste or gift it to somebody to make their coming year much beautiful.

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