With warmer temperatures and longer days firmly established, summer is prime season for enjoying flowers. Many favorites come into bloom during this time of year, and you’ll have no trouble finding a profusion of healthy blossoms to choose from.

Here are our top picks to make your spring/ summer more colorful and lively,


1. Marigolds

These bright flowers are a perfect choice to add color to any garden. The color of marigold varies from light yellow to golden brown. It’s a common flower that is used for various purposes, including religious and medicinal.

Marigolds in home decor are usually put in the puja room or arranged as garlands. But now you can spice up things and do something different to use it as a centerpiece!




2. Lotus

Lotus is a common water plant and is the national flower of India. Lotuses are generally available in shades of bright pink and white. One of the characteristics of the lotus is that its petals open by dawn and close down slowly from afternoon to evening.

Display them in a large water bowl as they come cut short condemn a calm feeling by displaying them on your coffee table or at the entrance of your house.




3. Roses

These romantic flowers will add cheer to any garden in summers. Though they need that little extra care, these flowers are perfect for summer. But however, you can always switch to Long lasting infinity roses offered by Champs fleur which need no watering and minimal maintenance for your blooms to stay fresh throughout the year irrespective of the season.

If you are bored of displaying roses the regular way in vases switch to boxed rose arrangements which is the modern chic way.




4. Sunflowers

The most appropriately named of the lot, sunflowers are beautiful yellow flowers that will dot your garden, giving it a vibrant feel. These plants are good at withstanding extreme temperatures.

As sunflowers come with long stems they can add a beautiful stance when arranged in vases either in a group or single flower. Also, gift them to someone this time and remind them ‘You are my sunshine’!



Unfortunately, amidst the warm summer months the delicate flowers have a tendency to wilt, and require a bit of extra care. If you notice that the flowers are looking parched, give the blooms a mist of fresh water with a spray bottle to revitalize the petals. Keep out of direct sunlight and change the water regularly.

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