Like many other festivals, Holi is also one such festival also called the festival of colors celebrated in India which signifies victory of good over evil. But are we doing any good to our surroundings by throwing harmful colored chemical pigments on each other and animals, wasting tonnes of precious water for enjoyment, playing drums loudly and bursting crackers? Definitely not. So this time let’s switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendly Holi.



1. Make gifting thoughtful

Opt for gifts like flowering plants or Bonsai and Khadi clothing. Avoid gifting anything wrapped in plastic which poses a threat to the environment.


2. Rejoice yourself with festival sweets and snacks

Are you not familiar that festival calories do not count? Bond with family over great food and relive all your memories from the past.


3. Play Holi with flower petals like the residents of Vrindavan

Switch to playing Holi with flower petals which is much colorful and joyous than playing with colored pigments. Locals of Vrindavan ( birthplace of Lord Krishna ) already follow this tradition since a few decades. You can later use the used flower petals to make compost or even dry them out in sunlight and infuse essential oils to make potpourri at home.


Don’t just stop there, keep the spirit of Holi alive all year round with our newest range of Long lasting infinity roses in festive yellows available in a variety of different arrangements guaranteed to brighten up your mood on a gloomy day.



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