This article is solely dedicated to all those bestseller floral arrangements that stole the show and are now out of stock! Gone but never forgotten’ (Only until they come back). Taking you through all these unique flower arrangements just in case you have missed out on any and if you love anything, makes sure you follow us on our Instagram to keep yourself updated about the latest news on restocks and new launches.

Amour en rouge

Specially made for Valentine’s Day and inspired by our Grande Ring Box, this arrangement featured an Infinity Magnifique rose (9-10cm rose) with long-lasting hydrangeas in a red acrylic box. Needless to say, was the perfect proposal accessory.


La Glace

Initially launched this opulent Silver mirror flower box with naturally preserved roses late last year for Christmas as part of our winter collection. We decided to bring it back one more time as a limited edition in the Rose gold variant. Oh boy, you guys loved it so much.


Wondertale Collection


Inspired wholly by the Beauty and the beast, we bought in these luxury flower glass dome arrangements in four different variants so that, your romance can last as long as our preserved floral arrangements and could be a timeless classic fairytale.


En cage


Featuring one more unique flower designs from our valentine’s collection, the En cage is a open flower arrangement with long lasting flowers, one of our favourites inhouse and the most lux looking flower arrangements.


Thank you for support over the year and loving these arrangements! We change our collection every 6-12 weeks, so once something is sold out it rarely comes back so shop our collection while they’re in stock here.


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