According to a verse from the epic Mahabharata, when a pious man with a pure heart offers flowers to the almighty, the deities are pleased and as a result, bestow prosperity upon him.

Yes, flowers play a significant role in almost every religious ritual in Hinduism. Any religious ceremony, be it offering prayers or performing Aarti, is incomplete without flowers. Worshiping Hindu Gods and Goddesses with flower offerings is not only considered auspicious but has its own importance too. Although you can offer any flower to any God/Goddess in general, there do happen to be a favourite colour to offer according to the Puranas.


1. Goddess Lakshmi & Saraswati.



While pink lotus is offered to Goddess Lakshmi, white lotus, on the other hand, is a favourite flower of Goddess Saraswati. Lotus being a rare flower availability is quite the concern. Don’t be disheartened, here is our recommendation of Verre volants inspired by the lotus flower - A long lasting infinity rose arranged with hydrangeas and finished with baby’s breath. Available in a set of 2 & set of 4 which makes it easier for you arrange them on either side of the idol. Check out our Verre Volants collection here!


2. Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva.



Yellow and white flowers are the respective favourites of these gods. These colours are no doubt the symbol of peace, calm and empathy. Our Petite Lumiere's arranged with a variety of different long lasting luxury floral fillers like eucalyptus, craspedia, etc in yellow and white is guaranteed to look divine.  Here are some of our collections available in these colours. Check out our Petite Lumiere collection here!


3. Lord Ganesha.



Red colour flowers are something you can offer any god but however, it happens to be a favourite for Lord Ganesha. Red being a classic when it comes to flowers here are our arrangements. Make use of our CLV edition with 9 Everlasting roses which comes with a storage drawer can be used to store all your puja essentials like dhoop, sambrani, etc. Check out our CLV9 collection here! 


The Om box



Hindu’s also consider the ‘Om’ to be most sacred symbolically embodies the divine energy, or Shakti, and its three main characteristics: creation, preservation, and liberation. Here is our very own version of personalised flower box made with Long lasting hydrangeas which serves as the perfect centerpiece for your puja room.


Through all these ceremonies and rituals, there is a large amount of floral wastage from temples in tonnes everyday which are left and thrown on streets or dumped in rivers, which leads to becoming a breeding place for insects and pollutes the water in accelerating the growth of algae in the water which poses a threat to marine life. We at Champs Fleur aim to reduce the carbon footprint due to discarded florals. We offer wide variety of colours and designs when it comes to Long lasting flowers so you don’t have to keep changing the garlands offered and flowers used to decorate your pooja room constantly. Let’s start saving the environment by switching to preserved florals at Home!


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