Just a month ago we celebrated the arrival of New Year. With our hearts filled with joy and enthusiasm. It must be a coincidence that the first holiday according to the English Calendar that comes after New year is the day of celebrating love.

Yes,  you got it right, it’s Valentine’s day!

It's the day when people show their love for someone else in many different ways. Some exchange presents, some plan a special date night and some single pringles make sure they make the most of this day with their best friends. Whatever the plan is, one thing has always been a classic favourite, ‘flowers’, giving the floral market a huge turnover around this day. One of the most difficult things is to decide on what to gift your loved ones. But worry not, we got you covered. Here are a few suggestions on what you can gift to important people in your life.

Valentine's Day Collection in Champs Fleur


For your parents:

Despite being overly attached to your parents, we seldom show what they mean to us and that our life would be incomplete without them! Make sure you show your appreciation for them this Valentine’s day with something which makes them realise their importance in your life.


 Our Comme Le Verre collection comes in variants from one single long-lasting rose to 35 infinity roses, this would definitely be something that your parents would appreciate and also use, due to its functional drawer that also doubles up as storage essential for all their utilities like notepads or stationery.

 For your siblings:

No matter how much you fight, how many times they snatch your food and steal your favourite hoodie, you just can’t ignore the fact that life without them wouldn't be any fun. The bond between two siblings is not just mere blood relation, it's the relation that is built upon an infinite number of shared quarrels, and being on each other’s side always. This Valentine’s Day shows that they are someone you would never give up on with our Everlasting luxury arrangements.


En Cage Classic RedTo complement the colours your sister adds in your life, a lovely En Cage: long-lasting arrangement, featuring classic red infinity roses with rose gold hardware and a ceramic vase would just be perfect 
La Glace : Rose Gold
To the brother whose kind heart is known only to few you can gift . La Glace: Rose Gold in blue theme , a unique rose gold coloured mirror box designed with long-lasting florals.

 For your BFF:

We might have hundreds of friends but there is only one who knows us inside out.. When you are together, the gossips can go on forever, the boring movie becomes a comedy, the awkward silence is comfortable. To such best friend make sure you give the best in the world.

 To your calm best friend you can gift our Lumiere Jardin des Coeur: a box of flowers, arranged in the shape of a heart. To your quirky yet amazing bff, you can gift our Bisou En Rouge arrangement with black roses.


Lumiere Jardin des Coeurs   Bisou en Rogue Black

For your One & only:

The romantic relationship between people is born out of the continuous efforts to understand each other and make things better for one another. Little things like a good morning wish or a random text in a day or a sudden surprise dinner date are enough to make your partner’s heart flutter with love.. How about adding more fun to this romance by gifting everlasting floral arrangements which are bound to make them think of you whenever they look at those arrangements.

To your boyfriend/husband we would suggest the Enveloppe et Fleur in one of a kind black or blue roses.


Enveloppee et FleurMon Cherie in navy Blue

To your girlfriend/wife, make sure you let her know she has your heart by giving her Mon Cherie: heart-shaped Everlasting rose in our acrylic box.

This Valentine’s Day you are definitely spoilt for choice with Champs Fleur ;)

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