Haven’t you always dreamt of keeping the roses you received or bought during a special occasion for longer than a few days? Thanks to Champs Fleur’s long lasting  roses and flowers that is perfectly possible. Preserved roses are the best way for you to lock a moment in time without having to invest your energy in its maintenance.

But before getting into the care, it’s important for you to understand what long lasting flowers actually mean! Preserved roses are 100% real flowers that last up to one year without watering and minimum maintenance. Trained florists create beautiful arrangements with preserved roses that are perfect for you to decorate your home or pamper your loved ones on special occasions.

Here are our top tips to enjoy your infinity florals and maintain their beauty for a good while without any damage:


 Do not touch them unnecessarily  :

            - Oil and dirt on our hands can deteriorate the roses at a faster rate.
            - The roses are also very delicate, so touching them frequently can crumple the petals.


Keep them indoors in a cool and dry place :

- Keep them away from high humidity areas such as the bathroom or kitchens.


 Do not water them and avoid any exposure to direct sunlight.


 If you see any dust accumulating, lightly dust it off using a soft brush.


 Keep away from A/C vents as direct contact with cold air could result in fading the rose colour and not to mention sudden water leaks.



We hope this article was helpful and we were able to resolve any queries you might have had about our infinity flowers.

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