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Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini
Verre Mini

Verre Mini

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Rose Color
Himalayan Pink
Azure Blue
Sunshine Yellow
Crimson Red
Deep Purple

Cute and petite, this beautiful floral arrangement makes the perfect gesture this Valentine’s Day. Whether you are gifting to your partner or BFF, express your love with this preserved flower arrangement.

About the flowers:

Crimson Red: 1 infinity red rose and million stars

Fuschia: Fuschia infinity rose and million stars

Himalayan Pink: Himalayan pink forever rose and pink baby’s breath

Blush: Blush infinity rose and fuchsia baby’s breath

Deep Purple: Deep purple infinity rose and purple baby’s breath

Amethyst: Amethyst infinity rose (medium purple shade) and white baby’s breath

Lilac: Lilac infinity rose and deep purple baby’s breath

Grey: Grey preserved rose and black baby’s breath

Gabrielle: Gabrielle rose (white rose with black lining on the petals) and baby’s breath

Champagne: Champagne roses and baby’s breath

Black: Black infinity rose and black baby’s breath

Azure Blue: Azure blue rose and blue rice flower

Tiffany: Tiffany rose and white baby’s breath

Navy: Navy rose and million stars

Yellow: Yellow rose and million stars

Orange: orange infinity rose and yellow baby’s breath

Each Verre Mini is made to order, thus it may look slightly different from the picture. Champs Fleur florists may make slight changes to the “fillers” used at their discretion.

Small tears or cuts may be present in the flowers, this is natural and does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.

About the vase:

The flowers are house in a handcrafted glass cloche. The cloche comes with a glass base.

As each cloche is hand made, slight imperfections in the glass the vase may be present.


Flower: The preserved rose is approximately 3-5 cms in bloom.

Height: 4.5 inches with the lid on

Max Width: 4 inches

Packaging and Shipping:

The Verre Mini is carefully packaged for delivery India wide.

Care instructions:

Each arrangement is delivered with a care instruction card. The flowers are easy to look after, and do not need much maintenance:

• No watering
• Keep out of sunlight
• Keep in low-humidity room
• Keep in room temperature
• Dust lightly with a brush if dusty
• Avoid touching the flowers with your fingers as oils can damage the flowers


The Verre Mini is available for delivery India wide and worldwide.

We have standard shipping, express shipping, international shipping and hand delivery (Hyderabad) options available.

Customer Reviews

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The rose from Beauty and the beast!

I came across the idea of long lasting flowers at Champs Fleur through instagram. I was hesitant a bit but i took my chances and ordered a tiffany rose. The price may seem exaggerated and the shipping charges even more so but trust me the product is worth it and a cautious shipping is necessary. The product is gorgeous and the service is fast. Keep up the great work.. I wish you success and prosperity!!

Beautiful piece of product

The product was very pretty nd eye soothning .


Verre Mini



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