Orange Forever Rose in Suede Flower Box

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Our orange forever rose is the perfect flower box to gift or keep in your home. Introduce some festivities and joy to your surroundings. This petite flower arrangement is made using our iconic roses that last for a year. 


  • 1 x forever orange rose
  • Orange preserved hydrangeas
  • Orange baby’s breath

Please note each arrangement is hand-made by our florist and is made to order, so may look slightly different from the picture. As flower availability is seasonal, if a certain flower is unavailable our team will make a suitable replacement.


Dark Grey / Brown Suede


Height: 8cm
Width: 6cm
This arrangement also comes with a matching lid. The dimensions above do not include the lid.

How long does this arrangement last?

This arrangement lasts for one year if you follow the care instructions below.
As our flowers are natural, please note for darker colors over the course of a year, the color of the rose may become less vibrant. This does not affect the lifespan of the rose.

How to use?

Our Petite arrangements are perfect for gifting:

  • For the festive season 
  • For mom - this is a favorite is keep in puja rooms
  • For those that love bright shades
  • If you believe in star signs: For Leos 

We’re also big believers in gifting yourself flowers. It’s a large statement of self-care and can be a positive way to reward yourself. If you are gifting yourself these flowers or have received this from someone else, this is how they can be displayed in your home:

  • On your work or study desk. Research shows that taking small breaks looking away from your computer screen is beneficial for your eye health. 
  • Accompaniment to your coffee table and decor
  • Perfect addition to your puja room decor
  • Addition to your bedside decor - it’s perfect and petite to not take up too much valuable space
  • Added glam for your make-up table

Care Instructions

  1. After unpacking your suede box, please remove the 2-3 bamboo sticks which can be found in the main arrangement.
  2. After removing the bamboo sticks, do not place the lid back on as it may squash the roses.
  3. The arrangement should be kept in a:
  • Low humidity environment. If you live in a high humidity climate we recommend keeping the arrangement in a room where the air-conditioning is operating for most of the day, or investing in a de-humidifier.
  • Low-temperature environment
  • Away from direct sunlight
  1. Do not water the arrangement.
  2. Avoid touching the flowers.
  3. Do not attempt to take the flowers out of the box.
  4. The box should be displayed upright at all times.

If the petals of the rose are loose when you receive the flowers, please note this is normal. They can be simply tucked back inside, this does not affect the longevity of your arrangement. 

As our flowers are real you may notice, small cuts or tears on the petals. This is completely normal and does not affect the longevity of your arrangement.


Our flowers are imported from Japan.
Our boxes are made in India. The final arrangement is prepared in Hyderabad.

Shipping and Delivery:

This forever rose arrangement is available for delivery India wide.
You can also opt for pick-up or hand delivery in Hyderabad, or for select colors in Delhi.

Refunds & Exchanges

We do not process refunds or exchanges after confirmation of the order.


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