Lumiere Number (Preserved Flowers)

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Customize our Lumiere box with your favorite number. Numbers are an integral part of a person's life from his birth to death, these numbers are the present. We can choose any number based on the occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, or lucky digits.

Our Lumiere number box is beautifully curated by our expert florists with our Long-Lasting® florals.

Flower color

This box is made of preserved flowers, arranged with hydrangeas and baby’s breath in red, pink, purple, and blue shades.

Purple - Our royal purple number box made with purple baby’s breath and hydrangeas

Blue - Our Lumiere number in blue features with blue baby’s breath and hydrangeas

Pink - Pink Lumiere number box with pink baby’s breath and hydrangeas

Red - Lumiere number box crafted with preserved red baby’s breath and hydrangeas


Length - 10.5 inches

Width - 10.5 inches

Height - 5 inches


Flowers - Preserved Flowers

Box - Artboard box

What is Included

Preserved flowers arranged in one artboard box

How long does it last

This item will last up to 1 year, this flower box does not need watering or any maintenance.

Care Instruction

Upon receiving, remove any bubble wrap from inside the box.

  1. Do not water. This is a preserved item and does not require watering.
  2. Keep in a low-humidity and dry room. This is extremely important. If items are placed in a high humidity room, they will wilt and decompose. Ideal humidity is between 30% - 40%.
  3. Keep away from the sun.
  4. Avoid exposure to excessive heat or cold. The average room temperature is ideal.
  5. Please keep the box or rose upright at all times.
  6. Avoid touching the preserved item directly as oils from your fingers can damage the flower.
  7. Do not attempt to remove the flowers from its box as this will damage the flower.


Flowers are imported from the Netherlands. The arrangement is made and shipped from India.


Please do not purchase without reading the following:

Humidity Warning:

preserved items are extremely sensitive to high levels of humidity.

The ideal humidity levels are between 30% to 40%.

Flowers that are kept in high humidity will become soft and start to immediately wilt. There also may be signs of accelerated decomposition.

Champs Fleur is not responsible for humidity damage, as stated above.

We do not recommend you purchase this arrangement if the humidity cannot be maintained.

Other notes:

- Brighter colors may bleed onto lighter colors. This is natural and does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.

- Flowers may also have small cuts or tears as our flowers are real and natural.

- Darker colors will bleed onto lighter colors.


Champs Fleur

Choose Flower Colour:: 

Red, Fuchsia, Purple, Blue, Orange

Choose Box Colour:: 

Black, White

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