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Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)
Petite Lumière (Set of 4)

Petite Lumière (Set of 4)

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Opt for our set of four Petite Lumieres for four times the love! Curated by our florists with our long-lasting® florals and infinity rose, this single rose box can brighten up any home. Arrange them all together or separately, these arrangements are sure to impress in your home.

Flower Colours

Crimson RedRed infinity rose with long-lasting® red rice flower, red craspedia, white baby's breath and rabbit's tail.

Orange: Orange infinity rose with long-lasting® with hydrangeas, craspedia and baby's breath.

Fuschia: Bright and bold fuschia infinity rose with long-lasting® million stars, pink craspedia, pink baby's breath and pink hydrangeas.

Navy: Navy blue Infinity rose with pale blue hydrangeas, white craspedia, and blue rice flower.

Azure Blue: Alluring azure blue rose with blue craspedia, blue hydrangeas and million stars.

Amethyst: Amethyst infinity rose with purple baby's breath and hydrangeas, million stars and lilac craspedia.

Deep Purple: Purple infinity rose with purple baby's breath, lilac craspedia and million stars.

Grey: Grey infinity rose with million stars, white craspedia and black baby's breath.

The Box

The arrangements are curated in a lightweight, art-board box with either a metallic gold or pearl finish.

The dimensions of the box are approximately 9 inches in depth, 3 inches in width, and a maximum height of 3 inches.

How long will this flower box last?

This box of Infinity roses and Everlasting® florals will stay fresh for one year. The box does not need watering or any maintenance. Care instructions are provided with every arrangement. The arrangement also comes with a lid, which can be left off.

Delivery & Packaging

This fresh Infinity rose box is available for delivery India wide.

Each flower arrangement is made with love and care. The Petite Lumiere arrangement is closed with a transparent lid which should be removed after you receive the arrangement.

Tips from our Interior Designer

The Petite Lumiere makes a wonderful floral accessory to your nightstand. Flowers are beautiful to wake up to, so make your morning special with our luxury flowers in a box. Alternatively, you can also place the Petite Lumiere on your bookshelf as a decorative bookend.

Available for delivery India-wide, including Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.



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