25 Preserved Roses In A Box - Comme Le Verre Classic

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  • Fuchsia
  • Himalayan Pink
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Champagne
  • Crimson Red
  • Azure Blue
  • Morganite
  • Pale Blue
  • Sunshine Yellow
  • White
  • Blush
  • Orange

Twenty-five infinity roses in our classic acrylic box, Comme le Verre. This beautiful flower arrangement is the elegant, functional piece you are missing in your home.

Flower Colours Meaning for your home:

White: Purity and elegance. This is a classic option for the modern home.

Navy: This deep blue hue enhances your thinking. Helping you cut through the clutter of life and focus on the task at hand, this box of blue roses is perfect for your desk or home office.

Black: This color can indicate a new chapter. Whether you're moving on or moving in, this shade is sure to stimulate good energy.

Himalayan Pink: This gorgeous pink shade inspired by the Himalayas, corresponds with life's riches. The color is for a fresh start and encourages growth. This is a perfect gifting option for someone starting a new journey, or a space that requires motivation or encouragement.

Azure Blue: A slightly darker and more vibrant shade than our light blue, this color stimulates peace and harmony. It makes for a quintessential complement to your bedroom.

Sunshine Yellow: This opulent shade stimulates conversations. Match this box with your dining room and create sublime conversations. The drawer in this bottom compartment makes for the perfect storage place for napkins or other essentials.

Pale Blue: This gentle color helps us connect with others. Display this box of flowers in a communal space such as the dining room or lounge room. It is also the perfect option for someone you are missing, or want to reconnect with.

Fuschia: Inspire passion and remove your inhibitions for with our fierce Fuschia rose shade.

Champagne: Dispel darkness and allow yourself to see the positives in life, with our Champagne shade of roses. For rooms such as the lounge room or to bring life to a dull situation, this color makes the perfect gifting option.

Morganite: Inspire trust and peace with this pink nude shade. This color can help with sleep or meditating.

Blush: These soft shades creates an energy of long-lasting love and devotion. For new homes and new relationships, this color fashions the ideal environment.

Crimson Red: This luxurious shade promotes courage and fearlessness. Use a box of roses in areas you want to boost your confidence, such as your glam table.

The Box:

The box is made from acrylic. It features are a drawer, perfect for valuables, keys, or make-up. It is approximately 4 inches in height and 7 inches in width.

How long will this flower box last?

This box of 25 Infinity roses will stay fresh for one year. The box does not need watering or any maintenance. Care instructions are provided with every arrangement.

The arrangement also comes with a lid, which can be left off or on.

Delivery & Packaging:

This fresh Infinity rose box is available for delivery India wide. Each flower arrangement is made with love and care.

Available for delivery India-wide, including Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.


Please do not purchase without reading the following:

Humidity Warning:
Infinity rosesⓇ, forever roses, and other preserved items are extremely sensitive to high levels of humidity.

Our Infinity rosesⓇ MUST be kept in a low humidity environment. The ideal humidity levels are between 30% to 40%.

Flowers that are kept in high humidity will become soft and start to immediately wilt. There also may be signs of accelerated decomposition.

Champs Fleur is not responsible for humidity damage, as stated above.

We do not recommend you purchasing this arrangement if the humidity cannot be maintained.

Other notes:
- Rose and flower colours will made over time
- Brighter colour may bleed onto lighter colours. This is natural, and does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.
- Petals of roses may be loose when they arrive to you. They can easily be reformed and placed back to together. This does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.
- Flower may also have small cuts or tears as our flowers are real and natural.


Champs Fleur


Fuchsia, Himalayan Pink, Navy, Black, Champagne, Crimson Red, Azure Blue, Morganite, Pale Blue, Sunshine Yellow, White, Blush, Orange



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