Jardin Infinity RosesⓇ Arrangment - Verre Bijoux (HYDERABAD ONLY)

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Shop our beautifully arranged array of Infinity RosesⓇ and preserved flowers in a brass jewellery box, or Verre Bijoux.

This is Jardin box, made for coffee tables or entry ways. If you are looking to really wow someone or a thoughtful gift, the box of flowers as an unique and popular choice.

What Infinity RosesⓇ and flowers are included in each arrangement?

Flowers in this arrangement:

 -petite roses
 -white moss
 -white hydrangea
 -million starts
 -baby's breath
 -natural baby,s breath

Each arrangement is made to order thus may look slightly different from the picture on our website. If any flower is unavailable the Champs Fleur team will select an alternative and confirm with you via email or Whatsapp.

What are Infinity RosesⓇ?

Infinity RosesⓇ are real roses that last for one year. Fresh roses are picked from farms and preserved using a patented method and solution. This method allows the rose to remain soft and velvety.

Infinity roses, or preserved flowers last for one year. They are not made of plastic and are different from dried flowers.

During the preservation process, the colour of the rose is lost. Thus each of our roses must be colour infused again. The roses and flowers are not scented The roses used create Infinity RosesⓇ are an unscented variety. Champs Fleur does not beleive in adding artifical scents, thus all of our flowers are either unscented or carry their natural fragrance.

About the box or terranium

The terranium is made out of glass and brass.

Each box is hand-made thus there may be imperfections such as fading brass colour or uneven edges. The brass may be black in some areas,


Each box is approximately 8 x 10 x 4 inches.


Each box is packed securely with thermocol in a white shipping box.

If you wish to recycle you shipping box, please ship it back to us.

How long will this Infinity RosesⓇ box last?

This box of flowers will last for one year.

Care Instructions

1. Do not water. This is a preserved item and does not require watering.

2. Keep in a low-humidity and dry room. This is extremely important. If items are placed in a high humidity room, they will wilt and decompose. Ideal humidity is between 30% - 40%.

3. Keep away from the sun.

4. Avoid exposure to excessive heat or cold. Average room temperature is ideal.

5. Please keep the box or rose upright at all times.

6. Avoid touching the roses directly as oils from your fingers can damage the rose.

7. Do not attempt to remove the flowers from its box as this will damage the flower.

Where do you ship?

This is available for shipping India wide.

Where is this made?

Our flowers are imported from Japan.

Our boxes are made in India. The final flower arrangement is prepared in Hyderabad.


Please do not purchase without reading the following:

Humidity Warning:
Infinity rosesⓇ, forever roses, and other preserved items are extremely sensitive to high levels of humidity.

Our Infinity rosesⓇ MUST be kept in a low humidity environment. The ideal humidity levels are between 30% to 40%.

Flowers that are kept in high humidity will become soft and start to immediately wilt. There also may be signs of accelerated decomposition.

Champs Fleur is not responsible for humidity damage, as stated above.

We do not recommend you purchasing this arrangement if the humidity cannot be maintained.

Other notes:
- Rose and flower colours will made over time
- Brighter colour may bleed onto lighter colours. This is natural, and does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.
- Petals of roses may be loose when they arrive to you. They can easily be reformed and placed back to together. This does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.
- Flower may also have small cuts or tears as our flowers are real and natural. This is not

As each item is made to order, there may be some differences between the photo on the screen and your arrangement. Champs Fleur reserves the right to make slight changes due unavailability of a flower type. If we do make any such changes you will be notified via Whatsapp or E-mail and we will ship the arrangement only after verbal or written confirmation. If you do not confirm or respond within 7 days, we will ship to the arrangement without confirmation to avoid any further delays.

Refunds & Exchanges

Champs Fleur will not be processing any refunds or exchanges once an order is confirmed. Confirmations are sent via email.

Please read the disclaimer prior to purchase. For the conditions listed in the disclaimer, Champs Fleur will not be able to provide a refund or exchange.

The arrangement you receive may look slightly different from the picture. If any particular flower is unavailable Champs Fleur's florists will make a suitable replacement, and share with you a picture of the arrangement prior to shipping. Once verbal or written confirmation is received we will ship you the arrangement.


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