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Petite Enveloppe et Fleur
Petite Enveloppe et Fleur
Petite Enveloppe et Fleur
Petite Enveloppe et Fleur
Petite Enveloppe et Fleur
Petite Enveloppe et Fleur

Petite Enveloppe et Fleur

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Himalayan Pink

Send love anywhere with our Enveloppe et Fleur. Beautiful longlasting flowers arrangement in an envelope. Inspired by the archaic practice of sending love letters, our Enveloppe et Fleur in Petite is the present-day approach.

About the flowers:

The Enveloppe et Fleur (Petite) is available in five different “Jardin” combinations.

Red Jardin: Red petite rose, red baby’s breath, white baby’s breath, white hydrangeas, and red hydrangeas

Blue Jardin: Blue petite roses, blue baby’s breath, white baby’s breath, white and blue hydrangeas

Purple Jardin: Purple petite roses, white and lilac hydrangeas, white and deep purple baby’s breath

Himalayan Pink Jardin: Himalayan pink roses, white, peach and pink hydrangeas, and baby’s breath

Blush Jardin: Pink infinity petite roses, pink and white hydrangeas, baby’s breath

Each Enveloppe et Fleur (Petite) is made to order, thus it may look slightly different from the picture. Champs Fleur florists may make slight changes at their discretion.

Small tears or cuts may be present in the flowers, this is natural and does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.

About the box:

The Enveloppe et Fleur is made with an artboard. Each envelope is crafted by a local paper artist. 

As each Enveloppe is hand made, slight imperfections may be present.


Maximum height: 7 inches

Maximum Width: 4.5inches
Depth: 2 inches

Petite roses are 1-2cm in bloom.

Packaging and Shipping:

The Enveloppe et Fleur is carefully packaged for delivery India wide and worldwide.

Care instructions:

Each arrangement is delivered with a care instruction card. The Enveloppe et Fleur has been specially packaged for shipping and requires some extra care when unboxing:
• Carefully remove the foam from the top.
• The Enveloppe itself can be removed from the foam by lightly tugging on the ribbon. Be careful not to apply pressure to the flowers in an attempt to pull the arrangement out of the box.
• Remove the PVC plastic by pulling it straight up.
• Carefully dust away from the crinkle paper from the arrangement.
• You will find 2 - 5 wooden bamboo sticks embedded into the arrangement. These are placed to protect the flowers. You can remove them by pulling them up straight.
• Lightly blow on the arrangement to air out the flowers, as they may be slightly pressed from travel.

Need help to unpack? You can request our customer service team to send you our unpacking video on or +91 91000 62811.

The flowers are easy to look after, and do not need much maintenance:
• No watering
• Keep out of sunlight
• Keep in low-humidity room
• Keep in room temperature
• Dust lightly with a brush if dusty
• Avoid touching the flowers with your fingers as oils can damage the flowers


The Enveloppe et Fleur is available for delivery India wide and worldwide.

We have standard shipping, express shipping, international shipping and hand delivery (Hyderabad) options available.


Customer Reviews

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Very elegant!

The arrangement is really pretty and so vibrant. Instantly lifts the vibe of the room!

Loved the envelope bouquet!

Ordered the bouquet envelope from Colorado, USA, for my sisters birthday, to be delivered in India! It was shipped on time & packaged well! My sister loved it! Thanks!



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