Dried Flowers Arrangement - Grande Enveloppe et Fleur

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Buy online dried flowers arrangement in a beautiful enveloppe box/.

Each envelope is arranged with a selection of dried and preserved flowers. This arrangement ships India wide.

About the flowers:

Arrangement 1: Dried flowers including purple grass, Limonium, hydrangeas, gomphrena, flamingo feathers, baby’s breath

Arrangement 2: Dried pampas, hydrangeas, cotton, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, preserved million stars

Each arrangement is made to order thus may look slightly different from the image on screen. Also there may be fall out with these arrangements, and the colours may bleed and stain.

About the box:

The Enveloppe et Fleur is made with an artboard. Each envelope is crafted by a local paper artist. 

As each Enveloppe is handmade, slight imperfections may be present. 


Height: 14 inches

Max With: 9 inches

Depth: 3 inches

Packaging and Shipping:

The Enveloppe et Fleur is carefully packaged for delivery India wide.


The Enveloppe et Fleur is available for delivery India wide.

How long will it last?

Dried flowers will last for 1-3 years.

Preserved flowers will last for 1 year..

Packaging Type

This item will arrive in a brown shipping box. This item is not gift-wrapped or wrapped like a gift bouquet.


Made in India

Care Instructions

Follow our care instructions closely to ensure the best life for your dried floral item.


  1. Each arrangement is delivered with a care instruction card. The Enveloppe et Fleur has been specially packaged for shipping and requires some extra care when unboxing:
  2. Carefully remove the foam from the top. 
  3. The Enveloppe itself can be removed from the foam by lightly tugging on the ribbon. Be careful not to apply pressure to the flowers in an attempt to pull the arrangement out of the box.
  4. Remove the PVC plastic by pulling it straight up. 
  5. Carefully dust away from the crinkle paper from the arrangement. 
  6. You will find 2 - 5 wooden bamboo sticks embedded into the arrangement. These are placed to protect the flowers. You can remove them by pulling them up straight. 
  7.  Lightly blow on the arrangement to air out the flowers, as they may be slightly pressed from travel.

Need help to unpack? You can request our customer service team to send you our unpacking video on clients@champsfleur.com or +91 91000 62811.

As this is a naturally dried product with no preservatives, there WILL be fall out. If your item arrives with the fall-out, it is not bad or damaged. It is simply the nature of the item. It does not affect the longevity of flowers.

Daily Care:

  1. Do not water.
  2. Keep in a low-humidity and dry room. This is extremely important. If you keep in a high humidity room, the grass becomes soft and will wilt.
  3. Keep away from the sun.
  4. Avoid shaking or disturbing the stems as this may cause excess fall-out.


This ships India-wide.

We cannot ship this item internationally.


Before purchasing this item, please make sure you have read and understood below:

  1. This is a completely natural item. Each stem will differ. The stems will differ from the pictures shown.
  2. Each stem will be different. Some will be a lot bigger and wider, than others. You will receive a variety of stems. 
  3. As a dried floral product, this item is extremely sensitive to humidity. This item MUST be kept in low humidity and dry room. If you do not have such a space in your house, you can use a de-humidifier. We do NOT recommend this item if you are not able to control the humidity.
  4. This product will have fall out. As this is a naturally dried product with no preservatives, there may be fall out within the tissue paper of small bits. If your item arrives with the fall-out, it is not bad or damaged. It is simply the nature of the item. It does not affect the longevity of flowers. This happens with all flowers (fresh, dried, preserved).
  5. The intensity and coverage of the colour will differ from stem to stem. You may also see patches of brown, which is the natural shade.
  6. Before purchasing please ensure this product is NOT on pre-order. Items on "pre-order" take a minimum of 3-4 weeks for delivery. They may take more time than this too. After an order is placed on pre-order it cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  7. After placing an order you will receive a confirmation email. After receiving this email your order cannot be cancelled.
  8. Please note that oryza sativa is very “floppy”. It will bend and fall to the side. To avoid this keep the stems tied or place in a vase with a high neck to provide additional support.
  9. Please note as the baby’s breath and hydrangea is dyed and preserved - the colour will bleed and may stain the other florals. It may also drip onto the box or stain.

We urge you to read all of the information listed here carefully. Champs Fleur will NOT be processing any exchanges or any refunds on this item for ANY reason whatsoever. If you have any doubts about placing your order please contact us on clients@champsfleur.com prior to placing your order.


Champs Fleur


Arrangement 1, Arrangement 2

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