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25 black roses in an acrylic box.
An acrylic box of 25 black roses that lasts a year.
25 infinity black roses in an acrylic box.

25 Black roses In A Box - Comme Le Verre Classic in Black

₹ 12,999.00

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Twenty-five black infinity roses in our classic acrylic box, Comme le Verre. Make a grand gesture with this one of a kind arrangement.

Flower Colour:

Twenty-five jet black infinity roses.

The Box:

The box is made from acrylic. It features are a drawer, perfect for valuables, keys, or make-up. It is approximately 4 inches in height and 7 inches in width.

How long will this flower box last?:

This box of 25 Infinity roses will stay fresh for one year. The box does not need watering or any maintenance. Care instructions are provided with every arrangement.

The arrangement also comes with a lid, which can be left off or on.

Delivery & Packaging

This fresh Infinity rose box is available for delivery India wide. Each flower arrangement is made with love and care.

Available for delivery India-wide, including Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.


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