Comme le Verre Classic (Checkered)

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Shop online our Comme le Verre classic rose box. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched that must be felt with the heart like our infinity rose. Love is a strong emotion that connects two hearts. Send your love with our infinity box of roses, arrange your living room, dining, office with our very special Comme le Verre classic.

About the Flower

White: make mind cool and peaceful. white roses always show a classic and classy choice. Send these roses to your beloveds. Arrange it in your prayer room.

Red: it is one of the positive colors.Perfect for a loved ambiance in the house, such as the drawing room or bedroom. 

Black: Mysterious beauty is the strength and hidden feature of black Whether these roses are sure to inspire some emotions

Green: which is the warmest color in the eye, promotes alternates and security.

Blue: Our blue roses come in four different shades; navy, azure, aquamarine, and pale. Usually, everyone says blue is the color for men. This color appeals to both men and women. May there be unity in your family like this blue color.

Purple: Our purple roses come in three different shades; deep purple, amethyst, and lavender. These infinity purple roses give confidence to your work. Arrange it on your working table. 

Orange: The color champagne is a tint of yellowish-orange that is close to beige. 

Pink: it is the color of inner peace and approachability. We have four different shades of pink roses; Fuschia, ballerina, blush, and Himalayan. These roses make a lovely addition to any living space and need not be restricted to any particular room.

Coffee: Our coffee color is neutral represents a person's vitality. Perfect for your coffee table. 


Height - 5 inches

Width - 8.5 inches

Length - 8.5 inches


Flowers - preserved flowers

Box - acrylic box with lid and draw

What is included

25 infinity roses arranged in a lid. Its features are a drawer, perfect for valuables, keys, or make-up.

How long does it last

This item will last up to 1 year.

Care Instruction

Upon receiving remove any bubble wrap from inside the box.

  1. Do not water. This is a preserved item and does not require watering.
  2. Keep in a low-humidity and dry room. This is extremely important. If items are placed in a high humidity room, they will wilt and decompose. Ideal humidity is between 30% - 40%.
  3. Keep away from the sun.
  4. Avoid exposure to excessive heat or cold. The average room temperature is ideal.
  5. Please keep the box or rose upright at all times.
  6. Avoid touching the roses directly as oils from your fingers can damage the rose.
  7. Do not attempt to remove the flowers from its box as this will damage the flower.


Flowers imported from the Netherlands. The arrangements were made and shipped from India.


Please do not purchase without reading the following:

Humidity Warning:

  • Infinity rosesⓇ, forever roses, and other preserved items are extremely sensitive to high levels of humidity
  • Our Infinity rosesⓇ MUST be kept in a low humidity environment. The ideal humidity levels are between 30% to 40%.
  • Flowers that are kept in high humidity will become soft and start to immediately wilt. There also may be signs of accelerated decomposition.
  • Champs Fleur is not responsible for humidity damage, as stated above.
  • We do not recommend you purchase this arrangement if the humidity cannot be maintained.

Other notes:

  • Rose and flower colors will fade over time.
  • Brighter colors may bleed onto lighter colors. This is natural and does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.
  • Petals of roses may be loose when they arrive at you. They can easily be reformed and placed back together. This does not affect the longevity of the arrangement.
  • Flowers may also have small cuts or tears as our flowers are real and natural. 

As each item is made to order, there may be some differences between the photo on the screen and your arrangement. Champs Fleur reserves the right to make slight changes due to the unavailability of a flower type. If we do make any such changes you will be notified via Whatsapp or E-mail and we will ship the arrangement only after verbal or written confirmation. If you do not confirm or respond within 7 days, we will ship to the arrangement without confirmation to avoid any further delays.

Pre-order: Please note if you place an order on “pre-order”, the box will take a minimum of 3 weeks to be shipped. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be canceled.


Champs Fleur

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