Fresh Flowers Delivered Weekly

Enjoy fresh cut flowers week after week with our fresh flower subscription service. Treat yourself right.

Freshest Flowers

From the farm to your doorstep, we select and deliver to you the best flowers.



Never worry about coming home to wilted flowers, we deliver based on your schedule.



No distributors. We source directly from farms and pass on the savings to you.

Small Bouquet

Medium Bouquet

Large Bouquet


When does this service launch?

Our fresh flowers subscription service will be launching from the 1st week of July.

What cities is it available?

Our fresh flower subscription service is currently available in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

What kind of flowers will I receive?

Each week you will receive a fresh bouquet designed by our florists. At the beginning of each week we will send you what’s on the flower ‘menu’.

How are the flowers packaged?

The flowers will be delivered to you in a bouquet style. After receiving them, simply unwrap and place in your vase.

How long will the flowers last?

This depends on the type of environment you place them in. Each week we will provide you watering and care instructions to ensure your flowers last as long as possible.

What if I want to pause my deliveries?

You can pause your delivery anytime, we just need seven days notice.

Can I pay weekly?

Yes, we also accept weekly payments. This is slightly more expensive, but we can set this up via Whatsapp for you.

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Should I choose fresh or preserved flowers?

If you want flowers that maybe constantly changed, choose our fresh flower option. However if you travel often, don’t have time to maintain the fresh flowers or want the same flowers week after week shop from our preserved, Longlasting® flowers.