Where are you based?

We are based in Hyderabad, India. Our Flagship store is based Sri JVS Dutta Residency, Road No. 10, Avenue 3, Kakateeya Hills, Madhapur, 500033, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. We also have workshops in Mumbai and Delhi.

What are Infinity™ roses?

Our most prized offering, the Solitaire Infinity rose, comprise of real roses that are specially treated with preservatives to add a touch of luxury anywhere they are placed.

Are the flowers real?

Our Everlasting flowers and roses are real. There are hand-picked from the farms, and brought in for preservation. Our patented preservation process allows them to last for one year with no maintenance.

Should I water the flowers?

No, our florals do not need constant attention or watering. Just keep your box(s) away from direct sunlight as that may affect the pigmentation and in normal temperature to ensure maximum lifespan.

What maintenance do the flowers need?

Our flowers require no maintenance. Simply keep the roses away from direct sunlight, in a low humidity room and your arrangement will keep its beauty for a whole year.

Can I design my own arrangement?

Yes! We happily customise for wedding favours, invitations, return gifts, baby showers, or any other occasion on your mind. You can email us on clients@champsfleur.com or Whatsapp us on +91 91000 62811 for customisation.

Can I take the flowers out of their box?

We do not recommend taking the flowers out of their cases. They are secure and safe in there, and any attempt to take them out may damage them.

Only the Solitaire is meant to be taken out of its case. It can be placed anywhere of your choosing.

Are the flowers in the arrangements glued?

Yes, all the flowers in our arrangements are glued.

How do the flowers last a whole year?

Our preservation process is patented, so we can’t reveal too much. It is a four step process, that takes about three-four weeks, and allows us to color the roses in a variety of colors.

How to track my order?

To track the status of your order, use the AWB or tracking ID provided on the Bluedart website. Check the email address you have provided us for the AWB or tracking ID.You can also email us on general@champsfleur.com with your order number if you need further assistance.


To track your order, click here.

Do you have express shipping?

For metro cities, we have next day delivery available only for orders placed over Whatsapp.

How long will it take to ship to my pincode?

Our arrangements are shipped within 1-3 business days. For metro cities, the expected delivery time is 2-5 days. For non-metro cities, the delivery time can vary between 3-7 days. For custom arrangements, this could be anywhere between 1-6 weeks. Our arrangements are shipped via Blue Dart.

Can I schedule a delivery to a specific time and date?

No, the particular exact time of delivery is totally dependant on the courier and what the most ideal route for an area might be.

Do you ship all over India and International?

We ship all over India and also to other countries! Our shipping partner is Blue Dart for domestic shipments, and DHL for international.

We have hand delivery options available in Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.

Do you do decor for events?

Yes. Our decor style is a fusion of modern and ethnic. We love floral decor for intimate events for flowers can be the focus. Check out few past events we have done.

Want us to you event? Email us at clients@champsfleur.com

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, because each arrangement is intended and designed to an individual, we cannot accept returns.

For any queries and concerns, please contact us on messenger, one of our team members will respond to your requests soon.