About Champs Fleur

Champs Fleur is bespoke floral atelier, founded by Chitra Das. Based out of Hyderabad, we are a floral boutique that specialises in offering flawless long-lasting roses that are a true statement of luxury. Stemming from love for roses Champs Fleur set out to preserve these evanescent flowers through a four-step preservation technique. Our florals last for one year with no maintenance or watering thereby reducing the carbon footprint caused by floral wastage in India. Since our inception in January 2018, we have grown exponentially and achieved a good client base in both B2C and B2B markets.

Champs Fleur is an equal opportunity employer.

At Champs Fleur, you'll get to work in the most fun, creative, challenging and a fast-paced workplace. We're dedicated to supporting the learning you need to grow.

Want to work in a growing, fast-paced environment when you get to challenge yourself and explore exciting opportunities?
At Champs Fleur you can!  Learn. Grow. Create.

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