Our roses are the perfect statement of eternal love, romance, luxury, and individuality. This is how Champs Fleur embarked on the journey of spreading beauty around the world.

Constantly being in the midst of beautiful flowers and plants while growing up, Chitra Das developed a love for the outdoors, for flowers, and for the beauty that nature represented.

Among her most cherished memories are scenes of her mother, an avid gardener, showing her different flowers and plants, how they grew, and how to grow them. This sparked a sense of wonder and amazement in her. 

When Chitra moved to Hyderabad, these memories often came back and invoked a sense of nostalgia and longing, especially around Diwali, Durga and  Kali Puja, when she would harvest the flowers with her mother.

Living alone, flowers were her only solace in a schedule packed with work, chores, and sleep. The only setback was that in the sweltering humid heat of India, natural flowers had to be hard-pressed to last for more than a couple of days. Even trips to the towns of Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills and Gudimalkapur were futile in her search for the freshest flowers.

Stemming from this love of roses and feelings of compassion, Chitra set out to preserve these evanescent flowers. Eventually, after a number of failed attempts, she struck gold with the current four-step preservation technique. It allowed her to forever freeze in time the pure beauty of this enduring symbol of love, appreciation, and beauty.