Preserved Craspedia (5 Stems)

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  • White
  • Pink-Purple
  • Blue
  • Light Pink
  • Aquamarine
  • Yellow

Shop bunch of white preserved craspedia. Each bunch comes in a set of 5 stems in varying lengths.

This is a preserved floral product. It is natural and real. It is not dried, plastic or but with fabric.


White, Blue, Purple, Pink.

These colours may be hints or undertones of other colours.

The colour has been added and is not the natural colour of the craspedia.Please note the colour seen on your screen and in the images will slightly differ from what you receive as this is a natural product. There also may be differences of colour between each stem.


Each stem varies in length. The approximate length will be 18in - 23in, some stems may be slgihtly longer or shorter than this.


One bunch of craspedia comes as a set of 5 stems in varying lengths. It will be wrapped in recycable tissue, and shipping in a brown shipping box.


This is a preserved flower item for home decor and flower arrangements.

It is a real and natural item.

How long will this last?

The craspedia will last for 1 year. Care instructions must be followed.


This item is packaged and shipped from Hyderabad, India.

This is an imported product from the Netherlands.

Care Instructions

As a preserved flower, this craspedia stem by Champs Fleur does not requrie daily maintenance. Follow our care instructions closely to ensure the best life for your grass:

Unpacking your preserved florals:

1. Upon received your box, unwrap the tissue paper.
2. Gently seperate the item, as they may be "sticking together.
3. Do NOT shake the stems. This may cause the stems to snap.
4. If the stems are "soft" when you receive them, this is due to the exposure to high humidity. Place them in a dry, low humidity room for a few days, and they should become stiff again.

Daily Care:

1. Do not water. It is a preserved flower and does not require watering.
2. Keep in a low-humidity and dry room. This is extremely important. If you keep in a high humidity room, the grass become soft and will wilt.
3. Keep away from the sun.
4. Avoid shaking or disturbing the stems as this may cause excess fall-out.


This item ships India wide.


Before purchasing this item, please make sure you have read and understood below:

1. This is a completely natural item. Each stem will differ. The stems will differ from the pictures shown.

2. As a preserved floral product, this item is extremely sensitive to humidity. This item MUST be kept in a low humidity and dry room. If you do not have such a space in your house, you can use a de-humidifier. We do NOT recommend this item if you are not able to control the humidity.

3. The insensity and coverage of the colour will differ from stem to stem. You may also see patches of brown, which is the natural shade.

4. Overtime, the colour of the stems will fade. This is the natural progress of our preserved range.

5. Place the stems in a TALL vase, around 1inch gap between the bud and mouth og the vase to avoid drooping or bending of the stem. As the head of the Craspedia is heavy, in may bend or droop if not well supported.

6. Champs Fleur will not process ANY refunds or exchanges for any reason for this natural item. You are requested to email us on if you have any doubts or concerns prior to placing an order.


Champs Fleur


White, Pink-Purple, Blue, Light Pink, Aquamarine, Yellow

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