Lonlasting Rose Toran

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  • Red Toran
  • Lilac color Toran
  • Blush color Toran
  • Orange color Toran
  • Dark green
  • Pale Blue Toran
  • Mint Toran
  • Fuschia Toran
  • Yellow Toran

Shop our ROSW toran door hangings, hand made.

Each strand is sold in a set of 2, with white flowers and a rose drop.

No two garlands are alike. Each is handmade. 


Our torans are made with fine wood. 

The particular type of wood used here is called sola or shola wood. These are shavings taken from the aeschynomene aspera plant. It is renewable and sustainable plant.


14 inches in length

How long will it last?

Our decorative door hangings are meant to last forever. However, they are susceptible to moisture in the air and must be stored in dry conditions.


Made in India

Care Instructions

Follow our care instructions closely to ensure the best life for your longl.

Unpacking your torans:

  1. Upon receiving your box, unwrap the tissue paper.
  2. Gently separate each stem, as they may be "sticking together”.
  3. Each toran is around 5ft long, with extra green thread for your hanging. 
  4. If your flowers are slightly pressed, you can let them unfold naturally

Daily Care when in use:

  • When hung, make sure the torans are not exposed to water and rains.
  • Limited exposure to the sun is okay, but please note prolonged exposure to sun can cause the color to fade.

Care when in storage

  • Store the garlands in airtight containers in an area with a dry atmosphere.
  • Moist or humid environments may cause mold to develop like with any other items (especially important during monsoons)
  • We would recommend checking on your garlands regularly when they are not in use, and airing them out if needed.


This ships India-wide.


Before purchasing this item, please make sure you have read and understood below:

  1. This is a completely natural and handmade. Each garland will differ.
  2. There may be some difference between the color shown in the pictures on our website and what you receive.
  3. If you live in a highly humid environment (about 50% humidity), you will need to take special care of your garlands and make sure they are not wilting or molding. We do NOT recommend this item if you are not able to control the humidity.
  4. 3. This product will have fall out. As this is a naturally dried product with no preservatives, there may be fallout within the tissue paper of small bits. If your item arrives with the fall-out, it is not bad or damaged. It is simply the nature of the item. It does not affect the longevity of flowers. Over time, it will only have little bits of fall out. This happens with all flowers (fresh, dried, preserved).
  5. The insensity and coverage of the color will differ from stem to stem. You may also see patches of brown, which is the natural shade.
  6. Before purchasing please ensure this product is NOT on pre-order. Items on "pre-order" take a minimum of 3-4 weeks for delivery. They may take more time than this too. After an order is placed on pre-order it cannot be canceled or refunded.
  7. After placing an order you will receive a confirmation email. After receiving this email your order cannot be canceled.

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Red Toran, Lilac color Toran, Blush color Toran, Orange color Toran, Dark green, Pale Blue Toran, Mint Toran, Fuschia Toran, Yellow Toran

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