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An acrylic box of 9 black roses that lasts a year.
An acrylic box of 9 infinity black roses.
9 forever black roses in an acrylic box.
Box of 9 black roses on work desk.
9 roses in a box on a side table.

9 Black Roses in a Box that last a year - Comme Le Verre Neuf in Black

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Box of nine Longlasting® roses in our most popular color; black. A unique gift for any loved one to be placed on their nightstand or table top. The drawer makes this make functional as well as beautiful.

Flower Colour:

All nine roses are jet black.

The Box:

This box is made of acrylic, and features a drawer for valuables. It is approximately 4 inches in height and 5 inches in width.

How long will this flower box last?

This box of Infinity roses will stay fresh for one year. The box does not need watering or any maintenance. Care instructions are provided with every arrangement.

The arrangement also comes with a lid, which can be left off or on.

Delivery & Packaging:

This fresh Infinity rose box is available for delivery India wide.

Available for delivery India-wide, including Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai.

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