With the wedding season round the corner bride’s are always looking for more unique touches to add into their wedding, something their friends and family haven’t done or used before. In that context, let us throw some light and give you some major wedding inspiration that hairstyles and hair accessories are one such bridal essentials which can make you stand out in the crowd.

With the increasing trend in the floral sector, if you are someone like us who hates the look of artificial and plastic flower accessories but fresh flowers are again a lot of maintenance as they may wilt and look dull with exposure to sun and don’t last long. Switch to preserved luxury rose hair accessories from Champs Fleur which will tick all the boxes for you! Real flower hair arrangements that are guaranteed to last up to a year with minimal maintenance.

Excited to experiment more? Here we are showing you two easy looks you can get with a comb clip:

Look 1: Side Sweep

The easiest way to use a hair comb is to sweep it along the side of the head, pinning the hair back for a romantic, loose look. This works especially well if you have a beautiful, wavy texture already going on.



Look 2: Loose & Messy

Step 1: The second look is a loose chignon or bun. Twist the entire length of hair and then pins it into a loose coil.

Step 2: Note that you don’t need be too precious about the bun, leaving it loosely pinned with a few messy pieces.

Step 3: You can experiment with where you want to place the comb. We however love it alongside the top.



Look 3: Twist on the traditional plait

Step 1: Carefully section your hair into two and by taking thin strands of hair from either side do the classic fishtail braid till the bottom lengths of your hair.

Step 2: The beauty of this braid is that you could let it loose and go for the messy braid and tug the section under one another tightly to create a more neat look.

Step 3: Now that you’re braid is ready, pierce the floral comb made with Long lasting infinity roses at the crown of your hair where the braid starts and also add in some long lasting baby’s breath strands to complete the look.



We just can’t get enough of this trend! Don’t forget to try it yourself and wear one of these for the next event you’re attending and tag us in your pictures @champsfleur.

Shop our full collection of floral hair accessories ranging from classic reds to vibrant and quirky shades of blue roses.

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