Baby’s breath scientifically known as gypsophila are delicate soft looking dense bunches of flowers. You may have seen them in dainty wedding flower bouquets as fillers, used commonly these days as hair accessories predominantly as a support or to add as an element to the main flower. It comes in light pink, rose and white; white being the most common color used.

Fresh baby’s breath, when used in vases, lasts up to 5-7 days maximum, but good for you we not only specialize in long-lasting roses but also baby’s breath lasting up to a year which is available in colors like fuschia pink, blue, grey, white, etc. Use this flower on its own, with many stems clustered together and arranged in a vase, giving it a completely new and beautiful effect or put in a few stems with a rose flower and arrange it on your coffee table or study table for a feeling of freshness.



Baby’s breath is long associated with purity and sense of togetherness and love between two individuals which is why they are most frequently used in wedding decor. It’s also most commonly gifted to new moms and tied to newborn babies of either gender which symbolizes the innocence of new life.

At Champs Fleur, we take the beauty and versatility of baby’s breath very seriously and believe that it adds so much character to our arrangements. We use it in all our Jardin arrangements, hairpieces and boutonnieres as a primal filler. This exquisite but dainty looking flower adds to the whole mood that we set in with flower arrangement.

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